Congress Construction Industry Committee to carry out a protective ballot to seek a mandate for industrial action

30 Jun 2020

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The Congress Construction Industry Committee has considered the decision of the High Court to strike down as un-constitutional legislation enabling Statutory Wage Setting Mechanism of Sectoral Employment Orders. This decision will have serious implications for thousands of workers in the construction sector.

The affiliate unions of the Congress Construction Industry Committee, (BATU, Connect, OPATSI, SIPTU and UNITE) have decided today to carry out a protective  ballot all of their members in the sector, seeking a mandate for industrial action up to and including strike action, should any employer move to unilaterally reduce the terms and conditions of employment of any worker. The ballot will be conducted over the coming weeks. The Congress Committee will also be seeking an urgent meeting with the Construction Industry Federation.

Speaking following the meeting, Congress General Secretary Patricia King said that it is vital that the State appeals this judgement and seek a stay on the order pending the outcome of the appeal. She added that in the meantime unions are determined to act individually and collectively to defend their members pay and terms and conditions of employment in the construction sector by taking appropriate and timely industrial action where necessary. It is also important to note that the striking down of the legislation as unconstitutional means that agreed dispute resolution procedures are no longer in place and unions will be free to prosecute disputes with the serving of seven days’ notice.