ICTU expresses solidarity with the people of Lebanon

10 Aug 2020


Over the many decades Ireland and Lebanon have developed a strong relationship through Ireland’s involvement in the United Nations’ UNIFIL operation in which Irish peacekeeping troops work to provide humanitarian support and maintain peace.

In these difficult times we must reaffirm our solidarity with the Lebanese people as it faces a national crisis in terms of its economy and democracy, coupled with the humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the horrific explosions that occurred in Beirut on August 4th.

Thousands of people have been affected by the devastating explosion. It is estimated that 200 people are dead and at least 6,000 people injured. Almost 6,200 buildings were damaged, up to 300,000 people have been left homeless and many others have been living in severely damaged homes, many without windows or doors.

In the wake of these events, ICTU expresses its deepest condolences to the people of Lebanon, especially the victims, those who have lost family and friends and those who have suffered damage to their homes and livelihoods. Lebanon has already been dealing with economic hardship and the coronavirus outbreak and the deep social and economic impacts of these events will be felt for a long time to come.  

Yvonne O’ Callaghan, Chair, ICTU Global Solidarity states “These events have occurred during an already difficult period for Lebanon. The crisis hit country’s economy has been in freefall, the government is bankrupt, the currency is almost worthless, and millions of Lebanese are jobless.

We are calling on the Irish government to work with partners on the ground and internationally, including Irish NGOs , the United Nations and  the EU to support urgent efforts to supply food and medical aid to those effected”.

Congress International officer, David Joyce added: “We call upon the Irish government to increase its support in the UN for additional efforts to tackle the recovery and reconstruction that will be needed. Beirut’s port is essential in the international efforts to serve humanitarian needs in Syria and all efforts are needed to act fast to stem human suffering.”

Many Irish organisations are on the ground providing emergency relief and support for the many who are facing poverty and homelessness in the wake of these events. Please see the following for donations:

As the Lebanon is also host to an estimated 1.5 million Syrian Refugees, please remember to donate to organisations on the ground working with refugees.