Congress Welcomes WRC Audit Report on ROI Independent Film and Television Drama Production Sector

28 Aug 2020


The Irish Congress of Trade Unions today (28 August 2020) welcomed the publication of the Workplace Relations Commission Audit of the Republic of Ireland Independent Film and Television Drama Production Sector.

The WRC report, issued today, was carried out by the WRC following a joint request from the ICTU, SIPTU and Screen Producers Ireland.

Patricia King, General Secretary of ICTU said “the objective of this report was to examine industrial relations and employment practices and procedures generally within the industry and to make recommendations for their improvement where appropriate.

She went on to say “I welcome this report as it was compiled following extensive consultations with industry stakeholders including workers, unions and employers. The report correctly reflects the fact that there is a healthy level of collective bargaining within the industry and that a number of good collective agreements are being applied in support of workers' terms and conditions.

The progress made on the developments of skills and training is a positive reflection of the work of the Guilds within the sector. Most beneficially however, the report vindicates the view articulated for some time now by the unions and workers in the industry that both they and the industry would be best served by a comprehensive sector agreement that would both protect workers and support the further development of the industry.

Congress looks forward to providing any support required for their affiliate union in progressing the Recommendations of the report”.



For further information contact: Karan O’Loughlin, SIPTU on 087 9314000