The Irish Congress of Trade Unions welcomes the Dáil debate on collective bargaining.

8 Oct 2020

Collective Bargaining

ICTU General Secretary Patricia King said Congress has for some time advocated for legislation to grant collective bargaining rights to workers in Ireland. “The threat of a no-deal Brexit and Covid-19 has increased the urgency to protect low-paid workers and those in precarious occupations. Many are earning the minimum wage which has been increased by just 10 cents to €10.20 an hour from January 2021”, she said.
Patricia King said, "it was time for Government to adopt the EU Directive to harmonise the laws of EU member States on collective bargaining and thereby establish the right to bargain in Irish Law”.
“We should also demand that our national law determines the right to collectively bargain, the right to organise, the right of access for trade unions, the right of access to key employer decision-makers for purpose of persuasion on behalf of our members and the right to reasonable time off to engage in representation and trade union training and the right to trade union activism without penalisation".
The Trade Union Representation Bill is introduced by Sinn Féin and due to be debated in the Dáil today (Thursday, 8th October).