Ex Debenhams workers still in dispute 300 days on

3 Feb 2021


ICTU Media Release 02/02/2021

Ex-Debenhams workers organised by Mandate trade union enter their 300th day on strike (3rd February 2021), having been treated outrageously by their employer, who walked away from them during a global pandemic.

Like all disputes, it will ultimately be resolved. However, it is essential that this dispute is now resolved by way of a negotiated settlement that all parties can accept and support. We understand that Mandate has written to the Taoiseach’s office seeking such necessary engagement and no response has been forthcoming. This is not acceptable. There now needs to be a greater sense of urgency to address the worker's concerns.

Mandate has carried out an assessment regarding the rejection of the Foley proposals and space needs to be created for the unions’ assessment to be considered seriously. It is also crucial that the necessary legislation which has been recommended from the Duffy/Cahill review is enacted in order that we do not have repeats of this or other similar type situations where workers, many of whom have given a life’s service to a company can be left with little. This call is particularly imperative with the announcement of the loss of 400 decent retail jobs with the Arcadia group. This is an unacceptable and intolerable situation for such workers.