Cork Council of Trade Unions May Day Message

29 Apr 2021


To all Cork workers and their families

The Cork Council of Trade Unions sends May Day greetings of solidarity to all
workers in Cork and their families. May Day is a time for us all to reflect on the
enormous contributions made to both our society and economy by ordinary working
people. Unfortunately, we are for the second year in succession, marking May Day in
unusual circumstances.
Since the start of this pandemic over a year ago, ordinary working people have made
tremendous sacrifices for their families and communities. We would like to pay
tribute to all frontline workers in all sectors of the community who have served our
city, county, and country tirelessly and often have worked in difficult circumstances
during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
We remember too the thousands of workers who have been unable to work due to
closures of various sectors of the economy. The Cork Council of Trade Unions
demands of the Government that all reasonable steps be taken to ensure that all
affected workers continue to receive financial and other relevant support until the
economic crisis comes to an end. The Council also calls for the speedy rollout of the
current vaccination scheme so that all workers and their families may return to work
and normal life as soon as possible. We encourage all workers to continue to practice
social distancing and other relevant health measures including vaccinations so that we
can continue to protect the elderly, the most vulnerable members of our community, and other workers.
However, the Covid-19 Pandemic has unfortunately not affected the unacceptable
practices of some employers in their unfair treatment of workers. The Cork Council of
Trade Unions salutes and continue to stand in solidarity with our colleagues in
Mandate and the Debenham workers. We call for the immediate implementation of the 2016 Duffy - Cahill recommendations so that our comrades in Debenhams receive
their just and fair redundancy terms.
We welcome the outcome and recommendations of the Citizens Assembly in relation
to gender equality and to increase public funding for early years education and in
particular the establishment of a legal right to collective bargaining for workers in all
sectors and to increase the minimum wage to the living wage. Cork Council of Trade
Unions call on the government to immediately act on the recommendations of our
fellow citizens.
Finally, on this May Day 2021, and noting the Decade of Commemorations, the Cork
Council of Trade Unions remembers the sacrifice of a former ITGWU official and a
former secretary of the Trades Council, Tadhg Barry, who was killed by Crown
Forces in November 1921. We salute him and indeed all trade unionists who paid the
ultimate sacrifice so that we can today live in a free Irish Republic.
Ní neart go cur le chéile.
Michael Delargey IFUT Joe Kelly SIPTU
Hon. President Hon. Vice President
Sharon Cregan SIPTU Sean Mealy SIPTU
Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer
Connolly Hall,
Lapps Quay,