Trade Unions for Civil Marriage Equality

1 May 2015, 09:00 - 13:00

May 2015 will be a momentous month. Irish citizens go to the polls on 22nd May to decide whether civil marriage in Ireland will be available to all citizens.

Trade Unionists for Civil Marriage Equality are supporting the Yes Equality campaign and a number of unions are working tirelessly in support of a Yes vote.  Union members are to the fore in the Yes Equality campaign throughout the country.cup cake

We need to encourage trade union members to discuss the issue and to build a momentum among workers and their families, some of whom may not be convinced of the importance or relevance of the May 22nd referendum.  For trade unionists the vote for marriage equality is consistent with our proud commitment to equality and we want to ensure that our movement is to the fore.

group shot 1With this in mind we are asking every union to support a Coffee morning in their workplace on May 1st. What a great day to discuss not just the referendum  but equality in the workplace.

Hold a collection and return the proceeds to Yes Equality here. The money is urgently needed by the Yes Equality campaign to print posters.

A Q and A on the issues involved is here

The Referendum Commission info is here


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