Congress Retail Sector Group Webinar - A New deal for Retail & Essential Service Workers

6 May 2021, 11:30 - 13:00

Across the island, workers in the retail, distribution and other key sectors were among those on the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic, keeping the shelves stacked, the shops open and the supply lines clear.

Yet while they faced greater exposure to Covid 19, they are also among the lowest paid, most precarious workers across the economy.  And lik other workers they face exorbitant housing, childcare and other costs.

The applause has faded, it's time to deliver a new deal for essential workers and create decent work for all across the economy.


Join us at 11.30am on Thursday 6 May to hear the following speakers:

Esther Lynch, Deputy General Secretary, ETUC

Dr Damien Thomas, Senior Policy Analyst, NESC

Prof Christine Cross, University of Limerick

Dr Maeve O'Sullivan, University College Cork

Martin Mahony, Retail Worker & Member Mandate National Executive


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