Projects Overview

Active Projects

  • Disability Champions - Time to get equal in the workplace

    Disability Champions Project Logo

    The Disability Champions project is concerned with the recruitment and training of Disability Champions throughout the trade union movement in Ireland.

  • Global Solidarity - Congress Development Education Project

    Global Solidarity Project Logo

    The project will focus on raising awareness of the Global Solidarity issues amongst our members and to strengthen our international trade union solidarity work.


  • Informia II

  • Ino Tool


    The ultimate objective of the project is to increase the number of jobs created in the social economy sector. The direct objective is to train large numbers of people working in different forms of adult education in how to develop, set up and run social economy businesses.

  • IT-4-today - Trade Unions Supporting Learning

    IT-4-today is a basic introduction to computers which will introduce you to browsing the web and setting up and using an email account.

  • Looking Forward 2 - Warehousing & Logistics

  • Training Options / Disability Activation Project (DACT)

    DACT logo training_options_2_black final - 10 June 2013

    Training opportunities for people in receipt of a disability/illness welfare payment.  
    TRAINING OPTIONS provides FETAC Level 3 to 5 accredited training in Work Experience, Personal & Interpersonal Skills and Computer Training.  
    Courses available in Border, Midland &  Western Regions.

  • Union Skills Network


    What is the Union Skills Network?

    The Union Skills Network is a government funded initiative, led by Congress that will seek to provide opportunities for workers to engage in a range of opportunities to upgrade and/or update their skills. The initiative will be targeting people in the workforce who have not yet had an opportunity to gain a third level qualification and as such it will prioritise essential workplace skills such as computers and IT, personal effectiveness, communications, problem solving and team working.

  • Workway

    Workway Project Logo

    Workway is an IBEC/ICTU partnership initiative designed to tackle this problem by raising awareness and addressing barriers to increase the employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Inactive Projects

  • Chase - Co-operative health and safety engagement

    This project was organised by Congress and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) through the Joint Safety Council for the Construction Industry.

  • CLEW - Case Law Equality Work

    Case Law Equality Work (CLEW) is an update to the Congress publication "European Case Law & Equality : A Guide for Negotiators".

  • Family Friendly - Work/Life Balance

    Family Friendly Working and Work Life Balance (FF / WLB) refer to policies and working arrangements that facilitate men and women to achieve a better balance between work and family life.

  • GAP - Gender and Pay

    One of the objectives of this project was to reduce the gender pay gap.

  • Interact - Developing the Multicultural Workplace

    Interact Project Logo

    The project seeks to address some of the barriers at enterprise level that will ensure the establishment of effective supports for both the employers of non-Irish nationals and the non-Irish national employees themselves and consequently develop the conditions that will enable the Irish labour market to support a multi-cultural workforce.

  • Leonardo Mobility Project 2009

  • Leonardo Mobility Project 2012

  • LIFT - Leadership Initiative: Females in Trade Unions

    LIFT Project Logo

    The LIFT Project is designed to support Congress' initiatives which promote gender equality within the trade union movement and ensure that such initiatives are integrated into the wider trade union agenda.

  • PACT - Partnership in Action at Enterprise Level

    Pact Project Logo

    The primary aim of the PACT project is to achieve a qualitative change in the relationships at enterprise level between employers and employees and employers and trade unions representing employees in the enterprise, designed to enhance competitiveness and the quality of working life through a partnership approach and the establishment of a set of principles to assist enterprises in managing change.

  • WIELD - Workplace Initiative for Employee Learning & Development

    Wield Project Logo

    Trade union members now have the opportunity to improve their skills for free. The Workplace Initiative for Employee Learning & Development (WIELD) has been set up by Congress, in partnership with FAS, to help individual workers improve both their skills and their job prospects.