Disability Champions Time to get equal in the workplace

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The Disability Champions project is concerned with the recruitment and training of Disability Champions throughout the trade union movement in Ireland. It is concerned with designing best practise approaches to social inclusion in the workplace and there is an emphasis within the project on the recruitment of people with disabilities into the trade union and also the retention of current employees.

The aim of this training is to build an active network of knowledge and expertise in the relation to disability and employment. The Disability Champion's project is being run through FAS and is recognised by FETAC. The training aims to build on current policy to implement in a practical sense the objectives of the National Disability Strategy and other recent equality legislation. The training for the project takes place over five days and includes the following topics:

  • Equality legislation
  • Equality policy in the workplace
  • Social Model of Disability
  • Accessibility audits and Understanding 'Reasonable Adjustments'
  • Disability awareness training
  • Assistive technology
  • Codes of practise
  • Supports and grants in the workplace
  • Developing improvement plans
  • Models of best practise in recruitment

If your trade union would like to nominate a representative to become a disability champion at work or if you would like further information on the project please contact:

Jane Clare
Disability Champions Officer
Irish Congress of Trade Unions
31-32 Parnell Square
Dublin 1
Tel: 01-8897777