GAP Gender and Pay

rPoject Duration: January 2002 to March 2004

Project Manager: Mags O' Brien

The objectives of the project are;

  • To reduce the gender pay gap
  • To develop, test and diffuse gender neutral guidelines for job evaluation and for gender proofing and gender impact assessment
  • To develop toolkits for managers and for workers in order to increase their awareness raising skills, job evaluation skills, gender impact assessment skills and training needs analysis skills.
  • Further, to develop the capacity to strengthen equality in policy development and service delivery within trade unions and to develop guidelines for upskilling and training women.

The actions will be overseen by a steering committee, made up of persons with expertise in equality issues.

Three working groups will be formed which will address;

  • Awareness & Capacity Building
  • Job Evaluation
  • Gender Impact Assessment and Training needs analysis

The working groups will organise consultative forums and will also deliver in company pilot actions.

You can download the first GAP newsletter (Autumn 2002) here