Informia II

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The project INFORMIA II, promoted by the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB), aims to make further analysis of the role of the systems of information and consultation at the work-place level (including the EWC) and to enlarge the partnership and the scope of issues which will be researched and analysed further, to offer a transnational exchange of experiences and good practice examples among the partner countries in order to improve the impact of workplace representation and participation structures on the productivity, effectiveness of corporate governance and competitiveness, to enhance the better implementation of the European social model in general and to promote corporate social responsibility in the partner countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy and UK, in particular.
During the second phase of the project a follow-up Research of the implementation of information and consultation rights in the countries of the project partners will be undertaken. This research will upgrade and enrich the previous survey (INFORMIA I) by analysis of the available information on the influence and role of information, consultation and participation activities on the processes mentioned above and compare the practices and results in the partner countries. Also, several European workshops for discussions and a study of various topics and an exchange of experience amongst the partner countries and other EU Member States will be organised. As a final phase of the project a European conference for exchange of information and the dissemination of the results of the research and of the workshops will be organised. The results, outcomes and conclusions from the research, the European workshops and the European conference will be summarised and published in a European comparative report/paper on the impact of information and consultation on the productivity, competitiveness and the implementation of the European social model and are expected to influence the elaboration of ideas and suggestions for improvement both of the national polices, practices, co-ordination and exchange of experience between the social partners of the partner countries and of the legislative framework (both European and national) at national and EU-level.

The project completed its work in June 2012. The final report is available here.