Leonardo Mobility Project 2009

In February 2009 an application was made to Leargas under the Vocational Education and Training Professionals (VETPRO) category by Congress Centres Network to travel to Sweden and visit similar unemployed centres. In April 2009 the funding was secured to take fifteen Coordinators or Tutors to Sweden and City of Vasteras proAros have kindly offered to be a partner and facilitate our visit. One objective of the trip is to exchange ideas and experiences in relation to vocational education and training provision. The aim of the project is to identify possible innovations in the area of service provision and delivery in the community services relevant to unemployed people in Ireland. Five days of the programme comprise visits to the community based unemployment centres and a childcare facility, along with workshops on topics including the European Qualification Framework and the Swedish flexicurity system for supporting unemployed people returning to education. There will also be a visit to Swedish Trade Union HQ to discuss vocational education & training for the unemployed. This trip is planned for June 2009 and all participants will complete the FETAC Level 5 Community Development Practice module and also receive a Europass from Leargas. The Congress Centres Network strive to encourage the continuous professional development of all the members of the network while building relationships and networking with similar organisations internationally.