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On International Workers Memorial Day – April 28th – we commemorated all those workers who have died in the workplace. In 2019, 46 people were killed in workplace accidents in Ireland while many more suffered life-changing injuries.

As Workers’ Memorial Day 2020 arrives, we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic that is having profound effects. The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us how vulnerable we are to an epidemic, and how devastating the effects can be: on life, on society, on our economy.

This crisis has demonstrated, as never before, the importance of protecting the safety, health and welfare of all people, whether at home or in the workplace.

It has also shown the importance of investing in good public health care, investing in good conditions for health care workers and other frontline workers, and the need to ensure good sick pay and other provisions to protect the wages and jobs of all.

For International Workers Memorial Day – 28 April – we commemorate all those who died from Covid-19. We remember health care workers and all other workers who died through exposure at work. No one should die from work!

Congress is asking all trade unions and trades councils to use Workers' Memorial Day 2020 to remember all those who have already lost their lives to this pandemic, and to acknowledge and applaud all those workers who continue the fight to protect us, even as they put their own health at risk. We invite employers, voluntary organisations, county councils, sporting organisations and community groups to join us in supporting a social media campaign to mark this commemoration.

Covid-19 is a global pandemic. On this International Workers Memorial Day we also join with colleagues around the world in remembering those who have died. See this  statement from European Trade Union Confederation and member federations to which we have subscribed.

Use the images below to post messages of support and rememberance and ask your friends to join in.

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Coffins TW00 FB00 IN00 Remember the workers who lost their lives April 28
Pharmacy TW01 FB01 IN01 Protect workers on the front line April 28
Shop TW02 FB02 IN02 Invest in health and safety at work April 24
Injection TW03 FB03 IN03 Improve pay and working conditions for workers in health & care services April 25
Carer TW04 FB04 IN04 Shining a light is good; higher pay is better April 24
Cleaner TW05 FB05 IN05 Sick pay entitlement for all workers April 27
Bus Driver TW06 FB06 IN06 Safety and health at work is an issue for all of us April 24
Medic on Floor TW07 FB07 IN07 Investment in public health services is critical. April 26
Delivery TW08 FB08 IN08 Clapping is good; decent sick pay is better April 27
Medic in Mask TW09 FB09 IN09 Let us all do more to protect our health and safety April 26






Up to 80 countries now mark International Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28th, many of them with official recognition by the state. Everywhere, the purpose is the same: we seek to commemorate those who have died or been injured because of their work.

While every year we still have too many people who die in accidents at work, many more are affected by occupational illnesses. Some of these prove fatal while countless others suffer from both physical and psychosocial disorders arising from their work. Alongside our commemoration therefore, we also try to use the day to create awareness and to commit ourselves to creating safer workplaces.  This is why we use the motto based on the words of Cork-born Mary “Mother” Jones – Remember the dead; fight like hell for the living. Trade unions have been the crucial force in the past in protecting workers and raising the bar to ensure people can return home safe and well after their day’s work. There is no room for complacency and we need to continue this work.