A Just and Sustainable Future for Workers

22 Jan 2020

ICTU 2020 General Election Leaflet

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions has identified key issues that political parties must address if workers and their families are to have a just and sustainable future.   The ICTU views are set out in a comprehensive document asking candidates what they will do in the next Dáil to deliver a living wage and pension, strong worker’s rights, a Just Transition relating to climate change, public services, and investment in public and genuinely affordable housing.

General Secretary Patricia King said the number of people at work today is at an all-time record high, but the economy is not working for many. She highlighted low pay, precarious work, bogus self-employment (the practise of some employers misclassifying workers as self-employed), and the gender pay gap as some of the negative issues that workers encounter. 

The General Secretary said “the planned increases to the State Pension qualifying age to 67 years from next January and to 68 years in 2028 is a key election issue that Congress has been campaigning on and put on the agenda over the course of many years”  She described the government policy on the matter as “wholly unacceptable”.

Patricia King said, “the pension issue was raised by ICTU as a matter of grave concern as far back as 2011 when the change was first proposed, and consistently thereafter with various government Ministers and the Taoiseach”.

She said workers must carefully examine election promises with regards to issues such as strong worker’s rights, a living wage, climate action and Just Transition, public and affordable housing, and accessible public services.