A Good Day for Women in the Workplace - ICTU

24 Apr 2021

women in workplace

Responding to the publication of the Citizens’ Assembly recommendations, Irish Congress of Trade Unions general secretary Patricia King said: “Today is a very good day for working women and for future generations of workers. Many of the recommendations made by this group of men and women in the Citizens Assembly echo the calls from trade unions in our campaigns to remove barriers to pay parity and gender equality in the workplace.”

Ms. King added: “I wish to particularly thank the Assembly for adopting the ICTU recommendation that workers be given a legal right to collective bargaining, and for acknowledging it as vital for improving wages and working conditions.”

Equality officer, David Joyce said: “Congress is pleased to see so many of the recommendations we made to the Assembly for promoting gender equality at work and in wider society reflected in today’s announcement.”

He added: “As we emerge from the pandemic, that has been shown to have disproportionately impacted women, there can be no going back to business as usual. Assembly members deserve great credit for charting a course towards long-awaited gender equality.”  Social policy officer, Dr. Laura Bambrick said: “The Assembly recommendations demonstrate an unambiguous appetite for European style public services and benefits and European levels of public spending. This is a key priority for Congress post-Covid-19 and one we will be strongly advocating for in the upcoming Commission on Taxation and Welfare. Our negotiating hand has been greatly strengthened by the Assembly.” 

Ms. King said: “The Oireachtas must now match the ambition for change put forward by the Assembly and implement the recommendations in a timely manner.”