Raise the Roof on Oct 3

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UN Special Rapporteur and Key Housing Experts Voice Support for Raise the Roof Rally on Oct 3

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing - Leilani Farha - has added her voice to calls from some 50 leading housing experts and academics for a 'radical shift' in housing policy and in support of the Raise the Roof Rally on Wednesday October 3.

In a letter published in the Irish Times they point out that:

"...the current crisis is the manifestation of deep structural problems in housing
policy and the philosophy that underpins it. Unless there is a radical change, we
believe the crisis will simply deepen and worsen."

The letter outlines a range of measures that could be taken to address the crisis and calls for support for the October 3 Raise the Roof rally called by Congress and the opposition party motion on housing that will be debated in the Dail the same day.

Raise the Roof on Oct 3rd
Homes for all

Rally at Leinster House Wednesday Oct 3rd @12:30-2pm

Trade unions, political parties, students’ unions, housing agencies & community and campaign groups have joined forces to demand action on the housing crisis.

Join us on October 3 and make your voice heard.

Download a copy of the leaflet here


Most workers now struggle to buy a home of their own as house prices have spiralled beyond the reach of those on low and average incomes.

Soaring rents have put huge financial strain on workers, students and their families, often paying for poor quality accommodation with little or no security of tenure.

It is a key issue for women as our rate of female homelessnessis now double that of other EU states and more than 60% of homeless families are headed by lone parents, the majority of whomare women.

Meanwhile, housing waiting lists grow ever longer and homeless numbers are at record levels. Thousands are now crowded into unsuitable accommodation, with families forced to raise children in hotel rooms and other emergency dwellings.

Government policy to date has failed to solve the crisis. But on October 3 there is a chance to change course, when an opposition party motion on the crisis is debated in the Dáil.

The motion demands radical new action on the crisis, including the construction of quality, affordable public housing, preventing people from being evicted into homelessness and enshrining the right to housing in the constitution.

It is supported by Sinn Féin, People Before Profit, the Labour Party, Solidarity, the Social Democrats, the Green Party and Independents4Change, with others expected to add their backing.

The motion also has the support of a wide range of trade unions, housing agencies, and community and campaign groups representing tens of thousands of people across all sectors of our society.

A special rally has been called for outside Leinster House at lunchtime on Wednesday October 3 by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, in conjunction with the National Homeless & Housing Coalition, the Union of Students in Ireland, the National Women’s Council of Ireland and key housing and homeless agencies.

So join us on Oct 3 and help us Raise the Roof for change.